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Homebrew Channel goes 1.1 [update]


Update: Reader CJLopez turned us on to 1.01, which fixes some bugs from 1.0. Adjusted the source link to point to the newer version.

That's right, folks. The Homebrew Channel has left the beta stages and become The Homebrew Channel 1.0. Actually, it's still kind of considered to be in beta, but, hey, we can all it 1.0! As for updating it, you can do it the hard way, by downloading the update here, or you can simply update through your existing Homebrew Channel on your Wii. That is, if you didn't update your Wii to 3.4 yet. Of course, with the new Twilight Hack, it's not like it's much of a nuisance, anyway.

Head past the break for the update notes.

  • meta.xml now handles all ISO-8859-1 characters properly (you can use either UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 encoding, but UTF-8 is restricted to the ISO subset)
  • Wiimote power button support (shutdown)
  • Wiimote rumble honors system setting
  • Fixed some crash bugs
  • Fix meta.xml UNIX style newline regression
  • All wiimotes work now, not just the first one (only one can point at a time though)
  • Classic Controller support
  • Nunchuk support (scroll only, using the stick)
  • Guitar Hero 3 guitar support
  • Left and right change pages too
  • Hit 1 on Wiimote to retry the network connection (like clicking on the network icon or Z on the GC pad)
  • Added information to the installer
  • Fixed some networking issues with networking disabled (and possibly other bugs)
  • Pushed in some text to avoid overscan crop
  • Widened video width to match system menu ("black bars" fix)
  • B returns from app screen (unless scrolling with B-hold)
  • Try to initialize network earlier (slight speedup)
  • Retry network initialization a few times
  • Fix a networking issue (libogc problem)
  • Reload stub now identifies itself (magic number, for future use)
  • Support broken HTTP proxies in update check
  • Show IOS revision in main menu
  • () -> * (Hint: old-school Wiimote support needed what? Try it both ways.)
1.01 updates:
  • Fixed B button issues (app screen corruption, crash on B+A)
  • Wiimotes now keep the ordering from the System Menu (libogc) (note: they'll switch again when you boot apps that haven't been updated like HBC has - but they would have switched anyway, and HBC can use all Wiimotes, so you don't lose anything while those apps are updated)
  • Hopefully fixed the USB Ethernet issues (couldn't find a tester, even without a USB Gecko... it's like they all disappeared after reporting the bug. Hope this fixes it)
  • Fixed wiimote auto-shutdown (libogc) (now you don't need a ridiculously perfectly still wiimote for it to shut down - playing music won't cause your wiimote batteries to die)
  • Hopefully fixed "video after shutdown" issues (libogc)
  • Changes to () -> *

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