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Item Getter screens light on actual items


Item Getter boasts the greatest name* in the history of all video games, but we're not entirely sure it's accurate. Sure, this screen is heavy on the items -- just look at 'em! mayhap they are catching them all! -- but the rest? Pffft. Drawing-by-Pixel Getter, maybe, or Rune-Scribbling Getter, those seem more on the spot, even if they don't sound as good. Map Getter! That works, right? Though it may already be taken as a backup for Etrian Odyssey. They better do something about the title of this RPG, because no one seems to be getting a single item in any of these screens, and that's just false damned advertising. At that point, why not just name your game Fantasy Warrior Quest XVI: Starry Nights of the Crystal Protectors or something?

Item Getter was initially scheduled for release in Japan early next year, but has been pushed back to February. Unsurprisingly, despite what we see in these screens, it is in fact all about collecting items.

*This is a lie. Probably.


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