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Map packs for original Resistance free starting Dec. 11


In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Insomniac community director, Brian Intihar, drops some Resistance-related info – and the prices on map packs for the original Resistance: Fall of Man.

Previously $7.99, the full collection of four maps will set you back zero dollars beginning tomorrow, December 11. (The original two-map pack debuted in June of last year at $7.99, and was followed by two more maps in November '07 for $4.99.) There are still people playing the original game – now a PS3 Greatest Hit – but most have moved on to the sequel, a likely reason for the price reduction elimination.

Insomniac will further add to the PS Store's delivery of free stuff tomorrow with three new, no-cost Resistance 2 themes for your XMB.

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