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New features for Pikmin, Mario Tennis Wii-makes revealed

When Nintendo announced that they'd be porting GameCube titles to the Wii with updated features, many responded with trepidation, fearing Nintendo was attempting to fix things that were far from broken. Japan will see if these fears are merited as the first of these Wii-makes hits store shelves tomorrow in the form of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, but Famitsu recently dropped some details about changes in two titles that might be more successful in tickling your fancy -- Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis.

Famitsu reveals that Nintendo's floral take on Lemmings (which is dropping in Japan on Christmas) will feature a new save system that stores day-to-day records of your play time. Whenever you boot up Pikmin, you can continue your game by jumping back into any day of your choosing. Unsurprisingly, a new feature revealed for Mario Power Tennis is a renovated, Wii Sports Tennis-esque control scheme -- though the new title will be compatible with the Nunchuck, likely giving you control over your character's movements on the court. Japanese racqueteers can pick up Mario Power Tennis on January 15.

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