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NTT DoCoMo and Vertu team up on Vertu Club MVNO

Darren Murph

Vertu's been eying the Japanese market for months on end now, but we had no idea it would really go diving in headfirst like this. Okay, so we actually did, but we did our best to just blot it out for fear of it coming true. Now, the deed has been done, and Vertu has selected NTT DoCoMo to "provide communication services to Vertu customers." The MVNO deal will launch in Q2 2009, and it'll flatteringly be called Vertu Club. Details of the partnership have yet to be disclosed, but we are told that Vertu will open its very first store in Japan (Ginza Flagship Store) in February. Hey, if Softbank can make it in the ultra high-end market, why can't these guys? [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via UnwiredView]

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