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Rock Band DLC exceeds 28 million downloads

Twenty-eight million is an exceptionally large number. If one were to attempt to count up to it, it would take them the better part of an extremely tedious year. Thankfully, the folks at Harmonix have been keeping track of their DLC sales for their flagship rhythm series, Rock Band, finding that the 345 tracks currently available on the Music Store have been collectively downloaded 28 million times. That's a whole lot of bandwidth.

To add some perspective to that astronomical sum, the last sales figures we heard from Harmonix stated Rock Band DLC had reached 6 million downloads in March -- around the time the in-game Music Store was launched. Some may chalk this sales success up to the addition of the Store, or the fact that there's been new tracks every week for the past year, or perhaps the release of Rock Band 2 -- but we know the truth. It was the groundbreaking Jimmy Buffett track pack that served as the true catalyst for this download explosion.

[Via X3F]

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