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500GB Moxi HD DVR now available, really


Someone's on a roll, after starting out this year the wrong way with layoffs and product cuts, Digeo appears to have its second new DVR ready for your home theater. The Moxi HD DVR is now available, promising its 500GB, dual-tuner multistream CableCard support to anyone with $799.99 to spare. Why opt for this over the 1 TB TiVo HD XL? Hopefully the MR-1500T3's remote web scheduling, news & weather browsing, Flickr / Finetune support and DLNA access to your PC's stored MP3 collection can tip the balance in its direction. Congratulations Moxi, you've beaten the skeptics and made your product available, now to decide if it's time to jump on this or wait for tru2way.

Update: Via Dave Zatz comes word that this is a soft launch with a limited number of boxes available on Amazon, and we should expect an official reveal next month at CES, so decide fast if you want one early or all the other kids will be telling you how great theirs is when they come back from break.

[Thanks, Mike]

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