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Avatars vs. Miis vs. Home people ... FIGHT!

Dustin Burg

In the battle of video game customizable character thingymabobs, there can be only one winner. Now, with Sony's release of Home and its unique inhabitants, we have a battle between the big three and only one victor can be crowned.

Gamesradar set up a battle between Xbox 360's Avatars versus the Nintendo's Miis and the Playstation 3's Home characters in a console avatar showdown by comparing each console's rendition of various people's likenesses. And after comparing to see which console is best at remaking said person, a victor is chosen. It's definitely a judgment based war, so we'll go ahead and award our console likeness creating winner to be the 360's Avatars. Not because we're Xbox 360 fanboys, but because ... well, actually, that's exactly why.

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