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EGM en Espaol est muerto

For our unilingual readers whose loose grasp on the Spanish language sent that headline careening over their heads, the Spanish version of EGM is shutting down, according to editorial director Adrián Carbajal. Their upcoming December issue (the one with the Watchmen game on the cover) will effectively serve as their last installment after a little more than six years of publication.

It should come as no surprise that the main reason Carbajal cited for the collapse of EGM en Español is the seemingly perilous future of the English language version of the mag. Should yesterday's report that UGO is looking to purchase the 1UP network sans the twenty-year-old EGM come to fruition, it's unlikely that we'll see many more issues of the gaming magazine we tucked oh-so-many times into our Junior High textbooks.

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