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Sky admits that HD Sky Player is coming, just not yet

Darren Murph

Sky's web-based Player is a fine tool for catching Premiership football and the like, but the omission of HD is a sad one. With tons of other online video portals out there making the jump to high-def, there doesn't seem to be a valid excuse for Sky to wait hesitantly on the sidelines. According to Director of OnDemand Griff Parry, HD streaming channels via the internet "are coming," but the current player will remain SD only for the "foreseeable future." When asked why that was, he proclaimed that Sky couldn't "deliver it reliably to the majority of people." In other words, it would rather play things safe and deliver a consistent product rather than field the scads of troubleshooting calls from folks unable to remedy dropped frames. Sigh -- another opportunity pushed aside for the sake of convenience.

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