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Sprint keeping a watchful eye on G1, will offer Android when it's good and ready

Chris Ziegler

Okay, so maybe Android isn't ready for prime time -- we're not here to judge, at least not at the moment -- but Sprint's still fully committed to launching a Google-powered set down the road, as evidenced by Miner's cameo at its developer conference tomorrow. That encouraging sign has been reinforced by new comments from Kevin Packingham, Sprint's veep of products and devices, who gloats that "We can, when the timing's right, pull the trigger." With the G1 out the door, why isn't the "timing" right this very second? According to Packingham, "We've just got to make sure our customers are saying, 'If you had a phone like this, man, I would really be more interested in Sprint because of it. You want to go out with a bang, because you believe that your investment is one that's going to generate a lot of return with customers -- new customers." Isn't "go out with a bang" a bad choice of words for a company that could realistically bite it?

[Via Phone Scoop]

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