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Warhammer Online patch 1.1a goes live!

Michael Zenke

After months of smaller, targeted patches Warhammer Online players are getting a heaping helping of new and shiny goodness as patch 1.1 hits the live servers later today. The Warhammer Herald is trumpeting the arrival of the much-anticipated new game tweaks, and the server wranglers at Mythic hope to have everyone back online by 1pm ET. We've talked at length about the new content arriving in this patch, but here's a quick high-level overview:
  • New Careers - These plate-wearing soldiers actually arrived on the live servers earlier this week, but their arrival is technically a part of this patch.
  • Open RvR Influence - As we've talked about in the past, the company is really trying to direct players into the RvR 'lakes' to take on keep sieges and battlefield objectives. Check out our exclusive interview with Josh Drescher and company about 1.1 RvR goals.
  • Easy Public Quests - One PQ at each chapter of tier 1, across all the racial pairings, has been tuned to 'easy mode'. Challenges and rewards have been reduced to allow players the chance to solo their way through that content.
  • Armor Set Improvements - Itemization across the armor sets has been tweaked, in some cases increasing the power of set pieces while in others making them more accessible at earlier levels.
  • Main Assist and UI improvements - A new 'main assist' mechanic will make it easier to focus fire on the tank's target, while tweaks to the PQ UI and the addition of item hyperlinking makes the game easier to manager overall.
There's a bucket more content in there as well, everything from player statues in the cities to graphic option tweak. And that's not all; you might have noticed the 'a' added to the 1.1 designation. Mark Jacobs wants us to be sure to know there will be lots more goodness coming soon. Check out the full official patch notes for the all details on this first content drop, and make sure to check out our interviews on the site today for more insights. In addition to our RvR chat, we also talk about the team's attitude towards new content and some news about the rate we'll be getting new classes. Read up!
Warhammer Online Coverage WAR has gone 1.1! Check out our full coverage of the 1.1a patch, along with our interviews exploring upcoming content and the open RvR changes. Plus, don't miss any of our ongoing coverage as Massively goes to WAR!

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