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Welcome Home: PlayStation Home Beta is live!


The PlayStation Home Beta is now live and public for all world regions. Fire up your PS3, navigate to the PSN icon and scroll down to PlayStation Home -- yup it's there! One 77 MB download later and you're ... almost Home! (You need to install the software* and agree to the necessary legalese first.) So, how's your first day of your new second life treatin' you?

4:25PM ET – The PlayStation Home "Message of the Day" invites everyone to a "huge dance party" in the Central Plaza at 6 pm tonight. "This party just might last throughout the night, so come on in and meet your new friends." (We'll bring the stuff to spike the punch!) You gonna be there?

4:30PM ET
– Doh! "Network Error: The connection to the server was lost (C-991)." (Twice.)

4:40PM ET – We're still unable to connect (from NYC, San Fran and Oklahoma), but PS3 Fanboy's Jem Alexander reports Home is up and running "flawlessly" in the UK. Anyone else have a status update? Please post in the comments.

4:55PM ET – New error! "Request timed out: /HUBPS3_SVML/unity/start.jsp" -- we'll keep trying ...

10:25PM ET – We're Home! Finally.

*Note: "To use PlayStation Home, 3077 MB of HDD space will need to be reserved."

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