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Celebrate the holidays with Warhammer Online's Keg End live event

Kyle Horner

Beer, boasting and things that go boom make up the Warhammer Online holiday event this year. Starting next week on Wednesday, December 17th and running through to January 5th. The event is going to be full of everything a Dwarf holds dear, which includes plenty of booze. Players will be able to set of fireworks whenever they like, including when charging into battle, or they can search for the legendary golden Golden Stein and earn the blessing of Grimnir himself.

Whatever a player does or doesn't do, everyone will be making use of the new emotes -- well, at least we certainly will. Simply type in /boast to give your enemies a good emotive thrashing, or you can make use of /toast and raise a frothy mug up to your allies.

It sounds like plenty of good times are about to be had starting next week. We really can't wait for some fun screens to come in so we can feature some on One Shots. So remember to take 'em and send 'em in to oneshots AT massively DOT com!
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