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Deadly Creatures devs spent time handling and eating insects


Developers usually go through a lot before a game is completed. Aside from the hell of "crunch time," there's tons of research that goes into crafting this game world they set out to create. Well, the folks at Rainbow Studios, the THQ-owned development house behind Deadly Creatures, went through a bit more in creating their game. They turned to the deadly creatures of the Arizona desert to aid them in their quest.

The developers regularly handled scorpions and spiders, bringing them into the office and studying them. One developer was even stung by a scorpion! But, it wasn't all about handling these deadly creatures. In fact, the crew even consumed some.

"We found a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix that serves Chapulinas, which are fried grasshoppers," said lead designer Jordan Itkowitz. "Chapulinas are kind of nutty, kind of crunchy. Better than giant Thai water beetles but not as good as fried mealworm larvae. Yes, this is speaking from experience... It was so we could really get into our characters' heads." Frankly, if we were going to be asked to eat bugs as part of our job, we'd probably want to get paid a lot more than we imagine these folks make.


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