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EA is the Brtal Legend publisher

Justin McElroy

We don't know exactly but there are really strong indications that EA will come to Brütal Legend's rescue. Most notably, points to a non-existent EA domain, as noted by fan-site Brutal!. And if you tweak the address and plug in, you'll spot the above image. Seriously, try it for yourself, it'll do your spirit good after all the waiting.

We're likely to hear something more official later today as Double Fine mastermind (and perennial Joystiq crush) Tim Schafer wrote on the company's blog that "Santa may be putting some sort of publisher news in our stocking during the night."

For those about to rock ... well, you know.

[Update: We just got the confirmation in our mailbox. The game is coming in fall of 2009 to 360 and PS3.]

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