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Eurogamer gets their hands on Issue 13 of City of Heroes


Eurogamer recently went in-depth with the City of Heroes huge Issue 13 update, checking out the new day jobs, leveling pact, and dual-spec options. However, not everything was rainbows and sunshine with the large new update, in the opinion of Eurogamer.

With servers in Europe that are suffering from lack-of-player-itis, Eurogamer points out that there's nothing in this new update that can really attract players back to the game. Even if players do come back for the new day jobs and content, they're not being rewarded for playing the game. Leveling pacts and day jobs reward the player for not playing the game, which doesn't do much for low server populations.

One of the main points of the piece is that the team could have done more to make something like day jobs a bit more active and playful. In their current state, the day jobs update is simply a super-powered version of rest from World of Warcraft. The game could have taken the concept and squeezed the life out of it into a new, functioning game system that could have promoted people to play. Instead, the day jobs system only brings the game another set of buffs and stats, dragging it down further with numbers instead of imagination.

However, it's really not all doom and gloom. Eurogamer asserts that these changes are more of a "polishing up the house" rather than completely rebuilding it, as Issue 14 -- Architect -- will be the one that will put more furniture into the place. Plus, the leveling pact, while it rewards staying offline, is the perfect way for people to bring their friends into the game world as well.

Interested in reading their entire look into the Issue? Check it out at their website.

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