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Even more magic tricks

Mel Martin

Well, my earlier prediction turned out right. I said in my last review that more tricks would be on the way, and this afternoon 3 more hit my in box. Maybe there is something to magic after all.

These three apps for the iPhone and iPod touch are from Instant Download Magic and Mentalism in the U.K. I lived in London for 4 years, and I can attest that magic is very hot there. Even some of the pubs have regular magic shows, and one of the oldest magic stores in the world, Davenports, is still in operation serving the magic community.

Here's an overview of the tricks, which are three separate downloads from the App Store;

First, is Magic Match [App Store link}. You show the spectator your iPhone, and there is a match box. You open it (digitally) and show a match inside. You can move the match by dragging it around with your finger. In a flash, the match vanishes from the on screen box and a real match appears in your hand. Doing this involves some help from the iPhone, and a quick sleight of hand move. It's pretty stunning to watch it performed, and full instructions are available from within the app and on the instant download website;

Next up is iThought Receiver. [App Store link] Basically, you ask your assistant to chose a color from 3 shown on screen, and to press a button to reveal the answer. The iPhone gets it right, and your assistant could be amazed. This is another class of trick entirely, and rather than involving any magician moves, it is a clever use of the principle of the magicians 'force' to get the right result.

Finally, ESP Vision, [App Store link] where someone picks a number at random on screen, then uses the number to select an ESP symbol, and when you remove the phone from your hand the symbol they selected actually appears on your hand written in ashes or a marker. It's a bit of a stunner when seen for the first time. This effect too, relies on some well established magic methods, and is not hard to learn.

All the apps are very well rendered, and have some impressive animation. There are further instructions and downloads of PDF files you can print out after you buy these tricks. The tricks are $1.99US except ESP Vision which is $2.99US. You could be the life of the holiday party, but it could be a bummer if someone tries to call your iPhone in the middle of your performance.

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