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HBS director scolds European broadcasters for shunning of HD

Darren Murph

Finally, someone with a little sense. It's no secret that we aren't fond of the way European carriers are treating high-def. Rather than investing in more HD channels / bandwidth and waiting for the rush of subscribers, they seem to be waiting for the rush before coughing up any loot. Peter Angell, director of Production & Programming at Host Broadcast Services, has come forward to confess that he is "disappointed that UK and European broadcasters have not embraced HD; flat-panel sales have gone through the roof, [but] the bit that's missing is the broadcasting [of signals]." He continued on to urge these very broadcasters to look to MPEG-4 / H.264 distribution systems to combat the bandwidth dilemma, though we've no clue how much impact one man will have. In somewhat related news, we're also told that 3D for the 2012 London Olympics is "a possibility," but we'll go ahead and warn you not to bet the farm on that one. No harm in hoping, though!

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