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IOSONO installs first 308-channel surround system in the US

Darren Murph

Remember that patently insane IOSONO holographic audio system that was demonstrated last month? The very first one has been installed in the US of A. As part of the multi-million dollar renovation of the Museum of Tolerance / Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, a 308-channel IOSONO sound system was installed in the Peltz Theater. According to Electrosonic project manager Steve Calver, said system is the "crown jewel" of the place, as it adds "308 independent audio channels and five subwoofer channels, which are entirely hidden within the architectural elements of the theater." The purpose? To distribute sound as perfectly as possible to every seat in the house. Additionally, HD video capabilities were added courtesy of a Christie high-def projector, and there was even an undisclosed Blu-ray player tossed in for good measure. So, when's the next showing of, um, anything at this place?

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