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The Daily Grind: What do you think about RMT and microtransactions?

Michael Zenke

As we mentioned earlier today, it's been kind of a big week for alternate revenue streams. Whether you're a staunch subscription traditionalist or a big fan of mini-payments and free-to-play gaming, it's hard to deny that this week reflects some major changes in the MMO landscape. We've already heard from the rest of the MMO community. Now it's your turn (again). What do you think about microtransactions as a way to subsidize an online game service?

Do you feel strongly that flat monthly fees are the only way to go? Are you okay with companies offering micro-payment bundles on top of that fee, as City of Heroes has done for some time and SOE began doing this week? Or are you more of a fan of free play options and pay-as-you-go opportunities? Let us know in the comments below. Just remember, whichever side you fall on, there are respectable and sensical arguments for both viewpoints. Let's have a good discussion.

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