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WRUP found a great way to enjoy PS Home

Ross Miller

And we think you know what it is already.
  • Alexander Sliwinski is Beerfesting.
  • Christopher Grant: The plan: Beat Mirror's Edge. Beat Fable 2. Start Far Cry 2. Start Fallout 3. Play LittleBigPlanet. Go Quincying with Justin and Griffin in Home. Write a novel. Divide by zero. The reality: I'll try to cram some Mirror's Edge and Fable 2 in ... maybe even some The World Ends With You while I'm out of the house. We'll see how successful I am.
  • Griffin McElroy: Finishing up disc 2 of Final Fantasy IX (Game of the Year 2008, confirmed). Also trying to become as enamored with Far Cry 2 as a certain southern hemisphere colleague of mine. In my spare time, Quincying.
  • Kevin Kelly: I'm playing this fun new game called "Find your emails under a pile of Joyswag Holidaze contest entries." It's really nifty. *cry* I'm also planning on playing a little Left 4 Dead with an old friend, and some of the Rio Grande board games I just got, including Change Horses. That's right, it's a horse racing game. What? You know you want in on it. Then Sunday, Justin, me, and some of the other Stiqers are playing the Spike VGA drinking game. Every time makes a bad joke, you pound one.
  • James Ransom-Wiley: So get this, I was playing Home earlier and totally macking this fly little breezy, and she's all grinding up on me, and then BAM -- she transforms. She like totally turns into a Quincy. Gross. (Whatever, I still invited her back to my studio ... )
  • Jason Dobson: As I continue to turn back my significant other's delusions that I am a teen girl and would then be interested in reading Twilight, I'll instead spend the weekend locked in my room restoring Prince of Persia's fertile lands. Oh, I'll also be playing with my G.I. Joes.
  • Justin McElroy: I'm probably just going to be Quincying with Griffin, honestly.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: There will be countless shenanigans in Fable 2's land of Albion, insidious deeds in Fallout 3 and ... oh dear, I sense a fourth playthrough of Mirror's Edge coming on.
  • Randy Nelson: I'm finally going to engage in a little action with two other people ... The Prince and Elika. I intend to collect 1,002 light seeds just to show Ludwig up, since I've come to accept that there's no way I'm beating his time trial marks in Mirror's Edge.
  • Ross Miller: I think I've put in enough time with Devil May Cry 4 today. Rest of the weekend: Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, Mirror's Edge (hopefully), Boom Blox and whatever else I've missed this year. Oh, and probably Quincying.

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