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Yurex: the stat-tracking, song-generating odometer for those with twitchy legs

Tim Stevens

If you're the sort who unconsciously twitches your leg when lost in thought, only to snap out of it abruptly when you realize the table in the conference room is shaking and everyone's scowling your way, you might be interested in this upcoming product from Maywa Denki, the crazy folks who love inventing "nonsense machines." It's called Yurex, a USB-enabled garter that straps to your leg and counts the number of times you twitch during the day, displaying your running tally on a 10-digit LCD. When you get home you can sync the device up to a PC, which will calculate your own personal rhythm and, get this, create a little song based on your "creative beat pattern." The idea is you can listen to this song, twitch your leg in concert, and boost your brain power to new heights! You'll even be able to chart your restlessness against others online once the things go on-sale in January but, with only 3,000 of them set to be made, you'd better get that order-clicking finger moving too.

[Via medGadget]

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