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First Look: Christmas with Weezer


When Tapulous released Christmas with Weezer [iTunes link] for the iPhone and iPod touch last week, I was pretty excited, as it combined three of my favorite things: Weezer, Christmas music and Tap Tap Revenge.

The tough economic climate, stresses over moving two days before I leave for Macworld 2009 and a hectic schedule have given me less holiday cheer than usual, but I'm happy to say, Christmas with Weezer is helping to turn that around.

Christmas with Weezer takes Tap Tap Revenge's addictive format and adds to it some Christmas cheer. Not only do Rivers and company perform a bevy of Christmas classics, the interface is all wrapped up for Christmas.

The Kids Mode is great for anyone starting out with TTR or for kids who want to get in on the fun. Christmas with Weezer also features the multi-tap and tap and hold game elements introduced in the recently released, Tap Tap Dance (iTunes link).

Check out the gallery below. Christmas with Weezer is $4.99 and available in the App Store.

Gallery: Christmas with Weezer | 10 Photos

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