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Be social, join Major Nelson's VGA live chat event

Dustin Burg

With all the excitement surrounding tonight's Spike TV Video Game Awards, we know you'll be a good fanboy and watch the show either on TV or via the award show's live stream. And instead of watching all by your lonesome, we recommend jumping over to Major Nelson's site and joining the live chat event.

The VGA live chat (accessible here or through your favorite IRC client) will promptly kick off at 9:00PM eastern over on You'll be among your community peers which means you can discuss, speculate and express your fanboyism while watching the VGA news unfold. We'll be hanging out in the chat session and we've also learned that Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb will be stopping by sometime during the VGA airing. It's socialization, it's awards, and it's just fun.

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