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Citrix aims to brings desktop virtualization to Apple's iPhone

Darren Murph

Citrix and Apple have been linked before under less positive terms, but word on the street has it that the former will soon be expanding its desktop virtualization software onto the iPhone. If successful, PC and Mac users would be able to access the same desktop session on their iPhone and their desktop, and moving "seamlessly between the two" would be a lesson in simplicity. Reportedly, the capability will be a part of the outfit's App Receiver, which is described as "a software client that would be installed on both a user's computer and mobile phone, and work in conjunction either with Citrix's desktop virtualization software or its XenApp Windows application delivery system." Of course, this type of setup isn't exactly new territory, but it certainly has yet to catch on in a big way. Who knows -- maybe this is the big break virtualization has been waiting for.

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