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European Nokia 5800 XpressMusic now available at Chicago flagship store

Darren Murph

Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic (or the Tube, as we prefer to say) has been on sale in certain corners of the globe for a few weeks now, but the touchscreen-heavy handset has just now made itself to US soil. Sadly, it lacks the support necessary for US 3G data, but those who simply cannot wait another day can hop a flight to O'Hare (or Midway, if you please) and snap up one of the Euro versions at the Chicago flagship store. 'Course, you'll get the US warranty and all, and you'll only be asked to hand over $349.99 to take one home. As of now, only the blue variant is in stock, and the NYC store is still waiting for shipment.

Update: It's available at the New York City store as well, so get your (European) S60 5.0 on, won't you?

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