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Feast of Winter Veil begins tomorrow in WoW

It's that time of year again. The goblins of Smokywood Pastures have been shipping their treats to major cities and are getting ready to open up shop tomorrow in World of Warcraft. This year we suspect Metzen will get into trouble (again); we'll be sent after the Abominable Greench (again); everyone will be after the holiday goodies you can pick up like Engineering, Cooking and Tailoring recipes; and several instance bosses are going to be steamrolled for their festive winter hats.

Added to the fun this year are the new achievements for Winter Veil, which involve many silly things to do:
  • Complete a bombing run in Ogri'la while on a flying reindeer
  • Throw a snowball at one of your faction's leaders
  • 50 Honorable PvP kills while transmogrified into a Little Helper
  • Wear 3 pieces of winter clothing while eating Graccu's Mincemeat Fruitcake
  • 25 crashes with your Crashin' Thrashin Racer. (New present this year!)
  • Dress up like a snowman and dance with another snowman in Dalaran
If players are able to to gather all of the different Winter Veil achievements, they will gain the meta-achivement for the holiday, giving them the title "Merrymaker." Of course, getting all the different achievements will also net you 130 achievement points. Not that we're chasing achievement points or anything. Nope.

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