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So you went Home ... (now what?)


Full comic here.

So, PlayStation Home is out. Many of you have experienced connection issues, but many others have managed to jump into the long-delayed online environment. We're wondering what you think about Home -- is it everything you hoped for? Or, do you agree with what Penny Arcade says: "it is nothing more than a cumbersome menu, a rampart over which you must hoist yourself to accomplish the most basic tasks." (That's incorrect! Where else can you have the joy of Quincy-ing? [video after the break])

Granted, this is an "Open Beta," which means many services and events just aren't available yet. There's a good deal of potential, as evidenced by Jem's recent visit to a Home press event. So, while we wait for the Spike VGAs, let us know what you think about Home in our poll.

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