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So you went Home ... (now what?)

Andrew Yoon , @scxzor

Full comic here.

So, PlayStation Home is out. Many of you have experienced connection issues, but many others have managed to jump into the long-delayed online environment. We're wondering what you think about Home -- is it everything you hoped for? Or, do you agree with what Penny Arcade says: "it is nothing more than a cumbersome menu, a rampart over which you must hoist yourself to accomplish the most basic tasks." (That's incorrect! Where else can you have the joy of Quincy-ing? [video after the break])

Granted, this is an "Open Beta," which means many services and events just aren't available yet. There's a good deal of potential, as evidenced by Jem's recent visit to a Home press event. So, while we wait for the Spike VGAs, let us know what you think about Home in our poll.

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