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Wiis currently in stock at Amazon, Turbo-Man still sold out

If you've seen the Schwarzenegger-infused holiday classic Jingle All The Way, then you're already aware of the fact that the amount you love your kids is solely measured by whether or not you can secure the items on their holiday shopping lists. We know that the Wii is probably going to be in ridiculously high demand this holiday season (again), so we direct your attention to Amazon, where a representative has informed us that supplies of the elusive console "will be available all day" -- though due to demand, she suggests picking one up early, lest you be forced to participate in comical battles with Sinbad in various locales around your hometown.

Alright, we'll be straight with you -- we know that parents aren't the only people who will be interested in purchasing Wiis this holiday season, but we've been trying to make a Jingle All The Way reference for months now, and this is the first time its even been remotely applicable. Forgive us.

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