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Celebrating the holidays with Lineage II's Saving Santa event

James Egan

The holidays are in full swing across several of the games we've been covering at Massively. In fact, a number of massively multiplayer online games now have holiday-themed quests, items, and unique winter settings, and NCsoft is getting in on the action as well. The latest holiday event announcement we've gotten word of is happening in Lineage II with its Saving Santa Event, which will run from December 16th through December 30th.

The holiday event pits you against one "Thomas D. Turkey" who holds Santa Claus captive. If Santa is freed, he will visit random players throughout the world, placing presents into their inventories. Some of the rewards include specialized buff scrolls for your occupation, weapon exchange tickets, a year-round Christmas tree, and for a rare few -- a Rudolph Agathion (pet).

If celebrating the holidays in Lineage II sounds like your thing, you'll want to check out the full announcement for the Saving Santa Event.

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