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Douglas C. Jeffries replacing Andy Brown as Palm CFO

Darren Murph

Palm's newfound place back on the map of relevance has people all sorts of excited, including one Douglas C. Jeffries. The former chief accounting officer at eBay has been appointed CFO at Palm, taking the place of the occasionally cagey Andy Brown. Mr. Jeffries will officially be wearing his new badge in January, though Andy will stay on into the new year to ensure "a smooth transition." Ed Colligan, president and chief executive officer, stated that he was "delighted to welcome Doug Jeffries to the Palm team," noting that his "extensive financial, operational and strategic experience will contribute enormously to Palm's future success." Of course, we'd say that a fresh OS and / or device at CES would contribute infinitely more to this strange beast called "success," but maybe we're underestimating this man's clout.

[Via Palm InfoCenter]

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