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FCC cancels white space meeting to focus on digital TV transition

Darren Murph

Man, we're clearly in the wrong line of work. It seems that being in the FCC means that you can basically ignore everything else going on so long as you squint really hard and pretend to make progress on an imminent event that's just over two months ago. Sure, we're just bitter, but we're struggling to understand why an agency this large can't work towards auctioning a slice of soon-to-be-freed airwaves for widespread internet use while educating consumers on the digital TV transition that's coming in February. Caving to requests from Democratic lawmakers, the FCC has canceled a December 18th meeting that would've been used to discuss the next step in making the most of white spaces, but unless we see these very suits walking the streets with signs saying "THE END IS NEAR! FEBRUARY 17TH, 2009!," we're going to be rather peeved.

[Via phonescoop]

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