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Jaffe admits 'meh' GOW3 debut, promises game looks much better


Some of you were underwhelmed by God of War III's VGA debut ... including franchise creator David Jaffe. The outspoken developer did a little rant on his blog, indicating a small amount of disappointment in the presentation. "The footage aired on Spike looked meh. It was dark and grainy and I was watching on a SD television." However, he does promise things will look up. "The stuff I saw that I raved about was probably finished 1-2 days before I got to the studios. The Spike stuff I saw had aleady been turned into Spike so it was 100% older. Not that I thought it was bad- again- just I can see how the new stuff I saw looked further along, for sure. And to give you an idea, the stuff I saw that I raved about looked about 25-30% better than what you see in this thread."

Looks like the game may have been shown off a bit too early. Rest assured, though. Jaffe reassures us that the upcoming PS3 God of War game will be "the best looking console game" besting his current fave, Gears of War 2. We'll hold you on that sentiment, Mr. Jaffe.

The new game director of the God of War franchise has a lot of work on his hands, especially considering this will be the "last installment" of the franchise. "We have large shoes to fill following the success of the previously released God of War titles," said Stig Asmussen . "But with refined gameplay and jaw-dropping visuals, I guarantee that God of War will give fans what they have been eagerly waiting for, and much more."

[Via Joystiq]

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