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Kairen's DF24B: the tiny digital frame for your tiny digital photos

Tim Stevens

If you're the sort who laughs at those DSLR-lugging amateurs, deriding their attempts to stay current as the megapixel wars rage on, this may be the digital photo frame for you. It's called the DF24B from Kairen, and is the perfect way to show off those crummy, pixelated shots accumulating on your flip-phone with its vertically-oriented (like most mobile pics) 2.4-inch, 320 x 240 LCD and 2MB of internal storage. Yes, that's megabytes, enough to store 27 thoroughly compressed images according to the manufacturer. Why it has any storage at all is a bit of a mystery, though, since the thing requires a USB connection for power, meaning it might as well just suck those photos straight from your hard drive (unless you're rocking a dedicated USB charger). No formal price has been set, but it's expected to release this month for around ¥6,800, or about $75. That puts it about $5 shy of MIMO's 7-inch mini-display, which is a much smarter buy -- unless you're afraid to blow those pics up any larger.

[Via Impress]

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