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Phelps, 505 Games announce partnership, first game in 2010

Jason Dobson

In a heroic feat of strength, swimmer Michael Phelps has managed to hoist the hojillion Olympic medals off his neck and dive into the world of video games. It's true! Developer and publisher 505 Games announced that it has inked a partnership with Phelps, who first revealed his plans to swim in digital waters earlier this month.

According to 505, it plans to bring Phelps to next generation consoles (a term we grow to despise more each day) and the iPhone. But don't be expecting to see Sports Illustrated's "Sportsman of the Year" on the cover of any game soon, as the first title from this pairing isn't expected to reach the other side of the retail pool until spring 2010. Of course, by then most of us will have forgotten all about Phelps' drenched mug and will instead be preparing ourselves for the year we make contact.

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