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SOE announces new staff being added to support microtransaction items

Michael Zenke

Last week's unveiling of Station Cash resulted in a number of strong statements from the community, but our discussion with SOE CEO John Smedley made it sound as if the company considered the service launch a success. Followup announcements have now confirmed that, with Senior Community Relations Manager Craig "Grimwell" Dalrymple stating new staff members will be brought on specifically to support future Station Cash items.

In forum posts to both the EverQuest and EverQuest II communities, Grimwell says that the "initial response to Station Cash has been a success" in as many words. He says they're looking to bring new items to the microtransaction marketplace in the not too distant future. To that end, the EQ and EQ2 "game teams are adding new employees dedicated to Station Cash, to allow us to continue to add new and exciting items to the marketplace, without having to pull from the core development." He goes on to ask players to participate in the newly opened threads, to let them know what new items to add to the store. For ongoing discussion of the Station Cash announcement, he offers up a link to an enormous forum thread and you can find plenty of details on the project in our Unoffical FAQ.

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