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Tabula Rasa's PlanetTR forums to change format

Shawn Schuster

With the news of Tabula Rasa's closing, one might wonder what will become of the game's largest and most popular unofficial forums. As was announced this past weekend, the PlanetTR forums will be changing formats after TR closes down in February. This will all be accomplished through a series of in-game and on-forum roleplaying events, introducing the world to a rogue band of AFS named The Agenda.

You can read a complete backstory on the creation of The Agenda, as well as an in-character thread from the story's Captain Durall for more information. The main in-game event will happen in January, and it promises to be an extensive war, much like their previous Server vs. Server wars, but larger. From there, in March, the forums will change format to appeal to a broader audience and be renamed to The Planet, although the domain name will remain It hasn't been decided exactly what direction the site will take, but you can make your voice heard in this thread, and of course we will be sure to keep players informed with any news.

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