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Unsealed docs suggest Microsoft knew about 360's disc scratching

Ross Miller

It's been some time since we've heard about any lawsuits against Microsoft over the Xbox 360's disc-scratching issue. A document in one pending suit was unsealed last week and asserts that Microsoft discovered the problem prior to launch and had multiple options to fix it, all of which the company rejected at the time. We've heard the argument before, but there are a few new alleged details here.

The three options listed were increase the magnetic field of disc holder (rejected because it would interfere disc opening and closing mechanism), slowing disc rotation speed (would have slowed game loads) and installing small bumpers (would cost an additional $35 to $75 million). According to the document, Microsoft's solution of appending the manual and offering a disc replacement program was deemed insufficient by company employees via an internal email. The plaintiffs are still seeking class action status while Microsoft hopes the courts will end up disc-arding the whole issue (har).

[Via X3F, SeattlePI]

Read - Plaintiffs' Motion for Class Certification (PDF File)

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