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Viewsonic introduces 24-inch, 1080p VT2430 LCD TV


It may be leaving things a little late, but Viewsonic is apparently hoping that its new 24-inch VT2430 LCD TV will attract the eyes of a few holiday shoppers and, judging from the specs, it seems to stand a pretty good chance of doing just that. Leading that list is full 1080p resolution, which is certainly a nice bonus on a set this size, as is the promised 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, assuming the results actually live up to that number. Otherwise, you can expect a built-in ATSC / NTSC / QAM TV tuner, HDMI 1.3 connectivity, 250 nits brightness, and the usual VGA, component, s-video, and composite inputs to accommodate your non-HDMI devices. Best of all, it packs an MSRP or just $399, which likely means you'll find it even cheaper if you do a bit of shopping around.

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