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Born for Wii: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Wesley Fenlon

Capcom has been on a roll this generation. First we got games like Dead Rising and Lost Planet which launched strong new IPs. Then the announcements started to hit. An Okami port for the Wii. Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. Resident Evil 5 (which, judging by its recent demo, seems to be shaping up nicely). Street Fighter 4. Mega Man 9. Granted, not all of those games are making their way to the Wii, but on the whole they represent good times for gamers. Does it really get much better than that? Maybe it does.

As if the decade-in-the-making Street Fighter 4 wasn't enough to reinvigorate Capcom's fighting game base, the company decided to once again visit its vs. series with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Just launched in Japan, the new fighter already has adventurous message boarders and bloggers scrambling for imports and Twilight hacks, while the rest of us pray nightly for the miracle of resolved licensing issues and a domestic release. In the spirit of Wii gamers in the land of the rising sun playing the gorgeous Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, this week Born for Wii aims to celebrate with a look back at what may be the most legendary game in the vs. series -- Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

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Every week, Born for Wii digs into gaming's sordid past to unearth a new treasure fit for revival on the Nintendo Wii. Be sure to check out last week's entry in the series, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, and for more great titles that deserve your attention, take a look at Virtually Overlooked.

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