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Funai planning tru2way dual-tuner DVR / set-top-box

Darren Murph

Check it, timeshifters. Funai is about to make a serious play in the advanced DVR space at CES next month, as word has arrived that it will be showing off a "combined DVR / tru2way set-top-box" in Las Vegas. For those unaware, Funai is the company behind Sylvania, Magnavox, Philco, Symphonic, and Emerson, and if all goes to plan (read: if CableLabs gives the green light), it should start mass production on said boxes in Q3 of next year. At least initially, these two-way-enabled devices will be sold via "retail outlets and MSO partners," but it's going to wait and witness demand before moving the tru2way technology directly into its TV sets. Of note, there are also whispers of a tru2way-enabled BD player somewhere down the line from these guys, and we don't suppose we have to detail our inner excitement on that one.

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