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Gift Guide for the Twitter addict


From applications to new friends, finding the right gift for the Twitter addict isn't as easy as it sounds. They're just so busy with all that "tweeting" nonsense. Here are plenty of ideas at a variety of price points that should make your job as the gift-giver a little more pleasant.

How do you know if you've got one on your list? Just answer a few simple questions. Does s/he

  • Check Twitter immediately before going to bed? Possibly while in bed? From multiple devices?
  • Have a stagnant blog, but a bulging Twitter stream?
  • Stare at the display for hours at a time so as not to miss a landmark follower or tweet (like #500)?
  • Added his or her Twitter handle to business cards, web sites, etc?
If so, you've got yourself an addict, my friend. Here's how you can be their #1 enabler.


This one goes without saying. No self-respecting Twitter addict is going to want to load every time the blue-winged muse strikes. There are several options. Twitterrific and TweetDeck are nice for the desktop, while Tweetsville , Twinkle and mobile Twitterrific are great for the iPhone and iPod touch.
Additionally, TwitterFox is a (free) Firefox plug-in that lets you send and receive messages from within Firefox.

Update: Several of you suggested I consider Tweetie ($2.99US) as a Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod touch, which I did. It's very snappy indeed with lots of nice features, like trend monitoring, support for several accounts and more. It's really quite nice. Of course, this isn't a reivew of Twitter clients, but I'm still happy to add another to the list.


The Dictionary of Concise Writing will help you shorten those lengthy sentences. While you're at it, grab a copy of Webster's New World Thesaurus.
Read on for more!

For baby

This one has limited appeal -- pregnant Twitter addicts -- but its awesomeness is universal. Geek and parent-to-be Corey Menscher designed and built the Kickbee while attending New York University. Basically, it's worn by a pregnant woman and sends a signal to a computer via Bluetooth whenever it detects her baby's movement. In turn, software on the computer sends a message to Twitter.

Now, Corey built the Kickbee as a personal project, but maybe if you ask really nicely, he'll tell you how to make your own. Maybe. OK, probably not.

  • In utero tweeting - Priceless


You may have friends who don't use Twitter. Lure them into the fold with cool schwag. There are several options for Twitter T-shirts. Secureshirts has some nice ones, and Ohana Daze offers customization. Of course, you can't wear a T-shirt to the board room, so bring a custom Friends Twitter Mug. Just supply your Twitter ID to create a mug decked out with your friends' pictures.


All that rapid typing will require stamina. Rope climbing is one of the best ways to improve one's grip and hand strength. The 10.8MM Dynamic Gym Climbing Rope is just like the one that tormented us back in junior high school. If only we knew how important those skills would be later in life ... for Twitter.

A new friend

When people think of Twitter, most imagine a little blue bird. Why not pay the ultimate homage to Twitter and pick up a blue parakeet? Just don't confuse its requests for food for a new message coming in.

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