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Minter: Microsoft 'sitting on' next Llamasoft title

Dustin Burg

In an interview with Eurogamer, Llamasoft head and Space Giraffe developer Jeff Minter explained that he is ready to release the next iteration of Gridrunner to the Xbox Live Arcade, but that Microsoft is "sitting on" the game.

"We sent it off to [Microsoft] months ago, but they've just not said anything" admitted Minter, adding "they're just sitting on the demo we sent them three or four months ago." And it sounds like Minter's patience is wearing thin, because he also makes it clear that if he doesn't hear from Microsoft soon that he'll just carry on with the PC version of Gridrunner+++. Sounds to us like a bad case of communication and a touch of hesitation to release the title, possibly because of Space Giraffes' less than stellar sales success. Hopefully Minter can get things straightened out and hopefully Gridrunner+++ can end up selling more than Frogger.


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