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Ready at Dawn: 'Maybe we should reconsider' PSP development

Jason Dobson

We've heard of buyer's remorse. Even seller's remorse. But mailer's remorse? That could be afflicting developer Ready at Dawn, as the company jokes that it might have been too hasty when it turned its back on Sony's portable and marked all of its PSP dev kits 'return to sender.' The company announced in June that it was "officially done with PSP development," but after seeing both Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus among the top 5 PSP games sold on Amazon last week, the studio is cheekily patting its own back.

"Maybe we should reconsider this whole 'no more PSP games' thing because we seem to be pretty good at it," reads a post on Ready at Dawn's blog. We're inclined to agree, even if it is in jest. With a few more studios like you around, maybe the PSP wouldn't need a life raft to stay afloat.

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