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Trophies: Lumines Supernova

Jem Alexander

0 Platinum
1 Gold
4 Silver
6 Bronze
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Online Trophies? No
Time to Completion: 20 hours
DLC Trophies? No
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Gold Trophy

Skin Master
Unlock all skins

Silver Trophies

Time Attack 210
Score 210 points in Time Attack Mode 180sec
Dig Down Master
Clear all stages in Dig Down Mode
Mission Master
Clear Mission Mode Hard
Puzzle Master
Clear Puzzle Mode Hard

Bronze Trophies

Basic 3
Unlock 3 skins in Challenge Mode "Basic"

Basic 10
Unlock 10 skins in Challenge Mode "Basic"
Advance 10
Unlock 10 skins in Challenge Mode "Advance"
Time Attack 50
Score 50 points in Time Attack Mode 60sec

Mission Beginner
Clear Mission Mode Easy
Puzzle Beginner
Clear Puzzle Mode Easy

Helpful Link: Trophy Guide And Road Map

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