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Wired: New Mac mini to be announced at MWSF

Robert Palmer

Wired's Brian X. Chen writes that Apple will release a new version of the Mac mini at Macworld Expo early next month.

Chen's unnamed source didn't disclose any details about the Mac mini, but Chen offered plenty of specification speculation.

Based on "trends seen in Apple's latest products," Chen expects the new Mac mini to feature a unibody enclosure with speeds and video specs that closely match the new unibody MacBooks.

This follows another rumor of a budget-priced, small-form-factor iPhone that could be announced at the same time. Nilay Patel, of our sister blog Engadget, notes that this may be a reaction to slowing sales numbers, and an overall reticence by consumers to drop large amounts of money on a new computer system.

We'll see next month: The keynote presentation is scheduled for January 6. Macworld Expo typically announces by now if Steve Jobs will give the presentation, but they've been keeping mum about his involvement so far.

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