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You know you play too much WoW if...

Amanda Dean

I admit it. I play too much WoW. That's alright, if you're visiting this site, you probably do, too. I have found it interesting how WoWisms have made it into my everyday life. I'm not talking about weird things like naming a kid Onyxia or getting plastic surgery to look like a Blood Elf. Some WoW habits just become normal. So here goes, you might play too much WoW if:

...words like gank, pwn, and aggro have made it into your regular vocabulary.
... you find yourself hitting your push-to-talk key to the person next to you, on the phone, or any other place that's not Vent.
... You've had nightmares that involve Death Knights, Murlocs, or *shudder* Gnome Rogues.

... you think of your errand day in terms of a quest log.
... you think of gifts for your friends and family as rep turn-ins, and you're hoping for epic lootz under the Christmas tree.
... you secretly wish that playing the stock market was as easy as the auction house.
... when none of your friends want to do something IRL, you seriously consider PUGging it. (BTW, anybody want to go to a Griffin's game?)
... You're so spoiled by in-game camera controls that when watching TV or Movies you long to be able to pan and zoom.
... You find yourself shouting Leeeeeeroy! when you're nowhere near a computer.

It's not always a bad thing. Here's a little secret about me: prior to rolling Tauren, I didn't know how to do The Hustle. Come on, admit it, you're probably guilty of at least one of these. How else has WoW infiltrated your daily life?

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