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Dark Athena is an 'episodic expansion'

Jason Dobson

Even with a new 10-hour campaign to its credit, we'd suggest portioning out your time with Starbreeze's shiny remake of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay when it arrives next spring. According to Eurogamer, Tigon Studios views the upcoming Assault on Dark Athena as an "episodic expansion" to the original Xbox classic, while an actual sequel is still "a couple of years out."

The Diesel-fueled developer calls the theoretical sequel "ambitious," adding that its arrival is largely contingent on whether or not the fans like the upcoming title and "tell us [they] want more." In short, money talks if players want to continue to live vicariously through Vin Diesel's manly virtual physique. Then again, there's always The Wheelman ... maybe.

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