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Electricity used to age wine, does nothing for Mad Dog 20/20


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Amongst the snooty winemaking set the idea of using tech to aid the vinification process has always been controversial, so if you're one of those types, we're guessing you are not going to care for this tale at all. According to the Telegraph, chemists at the South China University of Technology have been pumping rough wine through a pipe wired with titanium electrodes, artificially "aging" it as much as twenty years. The team ran a three month old cabernet sauvignon through the process for various lengths of time, subjecting the results to a blind test with 12 experienced wine tasters. Apparently, applying 600 volts per centimeter for three minutes was found to leave the swill "well balanced and harmonious, with a nose of an aged wine." We suppose this is all well and good, but to be honest, ever since they stopped making Ripple we really haven't been in the mood.

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